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  • Chaotic Markets Live

    Live Day 4
    John & Henry Follow Up Session
    Live Day 3
    John Morning Session
    Neil Morning Session
    John Afternoon Session

    Live Day 2
    Henry Morning Session
    Bruce Morning Session
    John Afternoon Session

    Live Day 1
    John Morning Session
    Henry Morning Session
    John Afternoon Session

    Strategy Class
    1. John Carter: Which Stocks to Trade
    2. John Carter: Identifying Set-ups
    3. Henry Gambell: ThinkorSwim on Mobile I
    4. Henry Gambell: ThinkorSwim on Mobile II
    5. John Carter: Skew and Trading Goals
    6. John Carter: ATR and APR, Entries and Exits
    7. John Carter: Examples and Q&A

    Homework Videos
    The Squeeze Indicator
    Options 101: The Basics
    Options 101: Options Trading Strategies
    Beginners Guide to Options

    How to use APR in TOS Chart, Watchlist, or Scan
    TOS Links
    Note: To get these into your TOS open the platform and click the setup button on the top right, then choose "open shared item" and paste the link there

    APR Chart: http://tos.mx/nkokNX
    ThinkorSwim Charts: http://tos.mx/m5mRNf
    JC's 11 Chart Grid: http://tos.mx/rSDW3o
    3ATR Keltner Chart: http://tos.mx/u0AaXR
    ThinkorSwim SKEW Chart http://tos.mx/4Gu0ZF
    ThinkorSwim Squeeze Scan: http://tos.mx/B5jx75
    ThinkorSwim EMAs Chart: http://tos.mx/dDA3QH
    ThinkorSwim DMI Charts: http://tos.mx/vXYP5x
    ThinkorSwim DMI Explosion Scan: http://tos.mx/wsH95R
    ThinkorSwim DMI Implosion Scan: http://tos.mx/DcAiYE

    Downloadable Course Files & Videos