Live Trading Room Presenters


John F. Carter

CEO, Chairman, & Primary Content Provider
John's PicTrade Experience: 20+ Years Retail Trade

Specialties: Equities, Options, Futures, Currencies, Risk Management, Technical Analysis, Volatility & Derivitave Pricing, and Market Making

John's father was a Morgan Stanley stock broker. One day during high school, John came home from the mall where he was working at a store making cookies. He had saved up $1000 over the course of a few months, and his dad told him that he and some of his friends were going to buy “some call options on Intel” the next day. Although he had no idea what they were talking about, it sounded good. He bought ten call options at $0.75 cents, and sold them a few days later for $1.50, doubling his money. He was hooked and has been trading ever since—going on 20+ years now.

John F. Carter

After high school, John Carter studied at the University of Cambridge, England, and then graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with degrees in History and Economics.

John was never that intrigued by the brokerage side of the trading world. Instead, he liked to try and test various online trading strategies through college, and well into his corporate jobs. He became quite adept at making money, though there were times when holding onto it turned out to be a problem. The road was not always easy and John learned his lessons the hard way, like many day traders out there. If you’ve seen him speak at the Money Show or Traders Expos, then you’ve probably heard the story about “the house in Minnesota,” which still makes him squirm just to talk about it and relive it to this day. After that experience, he came across Mark Douglas’ book, "The Disciplined Trader," and that helped to push him on the road to consistency.

John eventually found a trading system that he was satisfied with. He left corporate America to pursue full-time professional trading in 1998. After a few years of trading on his own, he eventually grew tired of day trading by himself in his office and chatting with his Arrowana (a large fish). He started to seek out other traders and post information online, which led to the launch of Simpler Trading, Simpler Options and Simpler Stocks.

John was commissioned to write a book by McGraw-Hill, and his book “Mastering the Trade” was released in January 2006. Carter’s trading book soon climbed the charts at Carter has also been featured on CNBC, CME Group, Bloomberg, Fox Business and Tasty Trade.

Hobbies: Juggling (in a variety of realms), perfecting the art of ambiguity, contemplating the meaning of life through the lens of “let’s just see what happens,” and embodying the true nature of what it means to be a Father, Husband, Mentor & Friend.


Henry Gambell

VP - Lead Content Provider
Henry's PicTrade Experience: 5 years retail trade

Specialties: Options, Equities, Risk Management, Technical Analysis, Business Development.

My Charts

Henry is Vice President and Lead Content Provider for Simpler Options. He began his career as an IT professional with a passion for gambling, which by no accident, landed him at John Carter's door one fateful day in 2010. From there Henry went on to join John at Trade the Markets and helped contribute to the second edition of "Mastering the Trade." Henry currently runs the chat room at Simpler Options alongside several other seasoned moderators, providing trade setups, nightly video commentary, and analysis for members. Henry resides in a suburb of Austin with his two roommates and a 1963 Ford Galaxie which he enjoys driving during the summer.

Words to Live By: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Hobbies: Gambling was my first calling and lends itself to Texas Hold 'Em, one of my favorite card games among many. I enjoy playing craps, along with a few other games of risk. Music is a passion and I've found a creative outlet through various brass instruments, guitar and DJ'ing.


Bruce Marshall

Income Trading Specialist
Bruce's PicTrade Experience: 27 years professional and retail trading

Specialties: Equities, Options, Greeks, and Risk Management.

Bruce is a career trader and began his trading journey shortly after the Crash of ’87. He started his career working for a Wall Street firm on a bond desk. After several years trading bonds, he switched to the equity side. He began his love of trading equities and options early on and traded IPO’s, secondaries, and preferred’s. In the early days, he actually had to hand-write “tickets” to buy and sell securities.

Over the years, he worked for several Wall Street firms, managing institutional money as well as retail accounts. Bruce developed a love for options and the Income Style of Trading as a result of continuously trading through the Gulf War, the bubble, 9/11, the Economic Crisis of 2008, the Flash Crash, as well as many other milestones. Bruce’s love for teaching led him to be a mentor and coach to many fellow financial consultants over the years.

With the development of trading software and platforms over the last ten years, Bruce has been able to refine, tweak, and improve his trading prowess. He has always had a passion for helping others to learn the skills of trading and become better traders. He found a great fit with Simpler Options and enjoys living in Austin, Texas.

Words to Live By: “Courageous convictions will drag your dreams into existence.”
Trading Words to Live By: “Trading is a journey, never stop learning.”

Hobbies: I have a wonderful wife of 5 years and a beautiful 2 year old daughter. We enjoy traveling together and on down time, my passion is playing guitar and restoring classic cars.


Carolyn Boroden

Fibonacci Queen!
Carolyn's PicTrade Experience: 25 years Commodity Trading Advisor and Technical Analyst.

Specialties: Fibonacci Time and Price Analysis.

Carolyn, after quitting High School and running away from home, “took the non-traditional road” to Wall Street. She found a job as a secretary/gopher to the Govt Bond Trading Room and Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette. Fast-forward a few years after the crash of '87, when Carolyn found her mentor Robert Minor and his work with Fibonacci. After that, as they say, the rest is history. Carolyn’s book, “Fibonacci Trading: How to Master the Time and Price Advantage,” was published by McGraw-Hill in early 2008. She currently produces a video newsletter for her subscribers on stocks and ETF’s that are featured on She participates daily in a live trading chat room in a joint venture with the other content providers at Simpler Trading. Ms. Boroden’s work is also featured on on the Over the last year, Carolyn’s analysis has been showcased multiple times by Jim Cramer on his show, “Mad Money.”

Words to Live By: “Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe.” - Galileo Galilei

Hobbies: Sacred Geometry, Bowling and Billiards.


Neil Yeager

Simpler Options Trade Room Moderator
Neil's PicTrade Experience: 12 Years Retail Trade.

Specialties: Futures, Futures Options, Currencies, Risk Management, Technical Analysis.

Neil graduated from the University of South Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in Finance & Accounting. He has been a full time Futures and Options trader for about 12 years now and is passionate about the trading industry. He frequently presents on Trading Pub, advising visitors on various intra-day and short term portfolio management techniques. He is also a fund manager and WorldCup Trading Advisor.

At Simpler Options, Neil presents solid and invaluable trading analysis and education on a daily basis in our live trading room. His years of experience and vast knowledge of John Carter's trading methodology makes him a perfect host to help new traders find their way, and to help advanced traders hone their day trading skills. His clear and concise approach allows traders of all levels to follow along as he calls out trades.

Additionally, Neil is more than happy to share his enthusiasm for trading as a mentor in our private mentorship program. In this program, he engages one on one with traders of all levels to help guide them through everything from trading strategy to money management techniques.

Words to Live By: “Do what you love. Love what you do.”

Hobbies: Spelunking! When I’m not cave dwelling I enjoy long walks in the park after reading nuclear physics weekly publication.


Raghee Horner

Forex Trading Extraordinaire
Raghee's PicTrade Experience: 26 years retail trade.

Specialties: Forex, Currency ETFs and Futures, Market Trend Analysis, Price Movement Range Volatility Analysis, Trend Following, Intermarket Analysis.

Raghee started trading at the tender age of 17 while still in high school. She continued her pursuit of trading through college until going full-time after graduation; torn between the charts and law school, the markets won out. With a degree in English, Raghee has a passion for communicating the message of the markets as well as teaching self-directed traders how to find choice, freedom, and an edge in the currency and futures markets. Three books (published by Wiley & Sons), countless speaking engagements, seminars, Chief Currency Analyst for IBFX (bought by FXCM), and trips across the globe, Raghee shares all the she does and has learned at Her popular 34EMA Wave and GRaB Candles indicators have a ever-growing following. Raghee brings back the wisdom of time-tested trading analysis with the edge that technology gives the modern trader. Nearly a life-long Floridian, Raghee lives in South Florida with her husband Herbie.

Words to Live By: “The simpler I keep things, the better I play.”

Hobbies: It's not all work and not play for me, I do find time away from the charts if I can enjoy some SCUBA diving, motorcycles, swimming, kickboxing, golf, and fishing.


Eric Purdy

Code Monkey/Fighter Pilot Emeritus
Eric's PicTrade Experience: 18 years retail trade.

Specialties: Technical Indicator Development (thinkorswim, TradeStation, NinjaTrader).

Eric spent the better part of his adult life turning dead dinosaurs into loud noise as a fighter pilot in the U.S. Navy. Commander Purdy’s twenty year career included tours as a flight instructor, teaching university physics and ethics at the U.S. Naval Academy, and multiple combat deployments in the F/A-18 Hornet. As a retail trader, he cut his teeth during the bubble era, and ultimately found his niche in the fusion of options trading and the creation of unique technical indicators. In 2009, he created the website as the go-to source for thinkorswim coders and traders. He and his wife Belinda live in Texas, and have six children who are deftly skilled in the finer points of mess-making.

Filmography: Appeared as “himself” in the 2002 Dateline NBC Special “Ship at War: Inside the Carrier Stennis” with Tom Brokaw.

Cool Guy Video:

Words to Live By: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein

Hobbies: Cycling, Photography, DIY anything.

Dr. John Clayburg

Automated Trading Systems Specialist
Doctor John ClayburgTrade Experience: 28 years automated trading systems programmer in the TradeStation / MultiCharts environments.

Specialties: Creating and trading automated self-optimizing trading systems.


John graduated from Iowa State University in 1971 with the degree Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. After the demise of his partnership in a large animal practice in his hometown of Coon Rapids, Iowa—brought about by the ag crisis of the 1980's—he and his wife Karen decided to raise their four boys and one girl on the family farm, rather than seek another practice.

In the process of marketing various agricultural commodities, John became interested in the markets and charting, first on graph paper using prices written down from local radio broadcasts, and eventually using online data and the TradeStation platform.

John soon learned EasyLanguage and began programming on the TradeStation platform in the late 1980's, and became a solution provider for Omega Research, which has recently morphed into TradeStation Securities.

John has published a book “Four Steps to Trading Success” (Wiley & Sons, 2001), and has delivered multiple programming and trading presentations at major trade conferences in the U.S., Europe and the Far East, as well as online.

A second book on automated systems is in the works.

John now concentrates on the creation and trading of automated self-optimizing trading strategies, which are designed to adjust critical system variables on the fly in real-time, to keep his systems in sync with the ever-changing personalities of today’s volatile markets.

Other than that, he can be found zoning out while staring at a computer screen, making people think he's actually doing something useful.

Words to Live By: “Live a long time without getting old.”

Hobbies: Raising kids, cats, corn, cows, a few beans and one old dog on the family farm in the center of SiliCorn Valley, also known as Coon Rapids, Iowa.



Tucker Stipe

Content Provider
Tucker StipeTrade Experience: 30+ years.

Specialties: Stocks, options, ETFs, day swing trading.

My Charts

Tucker, throughout his career, has demonstrated the ability to adapt and change. After starting as an engineer, he moved on to sales and sales management. He then became a business owner. From 2009 to 2015, Tucker was Head Coach and Trainer for ETF Trend Trading. His passion is trading and helping others learn to trade. Tucker and his wife, Valerie, have lived in Austin since 1999.

Words to Live By: "Sometimes not taking the trade is a good trading decision."

Golf, music, and traveling!


Darrell Gum

Whatever Brian is + 1
Darrell GumTrade Experience: 13 years professional IT/Network troubleshooting and administration. Started fixing/breaking/selling computers in his parent's basement at the age of 12.

Specialties: Computers: MSFT and AAPL software and hardware. Trading: Listening to JC, Bruce, Henry, Carolyn, Raghee, Don, Neil, Tony, and others (they always seem to have better ideas than him anyways).

Darrell was born in Cypress, TX in 1984. He has an older brother who's a Houston area police officer, and a younger sister who works for a tech marketing firm in the Austin area. Darrell grew up in Appleton, Wisconsin and as such has adopted the Green Bay Packers as his native NFL team (sorry Texans and Cowboys) as many of you who have seen him at any of our Vegas events can attest. Darrell also has the most glorious of beards (it's been said that the luxurious elegance of his beard is to facial hair as the Mona Lisa is to Renaissance-period Sfumato painting technique). Darrell can be found lurking in the Live Trading Room chat most of the time, but can also be heard during the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday technology sessions in the room. Darrell's voice has been most accurately described as "the white Morgan Freeman" or as "the slightly more baritone Barry White". He also is known for his gracious humility (and totally didn't write this about himself in the third-person at all).

Words to Live By: "You can’t stay the same and grow to your full potential. When we embrace real change, challenging transition, we force ourselves to grow." - Vic Ketchman

Hobbies: Working on his motorcycle and cars, fishing, hanging out with friends, watching the Astros, and Packers, and drinkin' cold beer on a hot Austin afternoon (or in front of his computer at 1:15 before his tech sessions)