Secrets To Trading Options On ETFs

DVD PLUS On-Demand Recording

Secrets To Trading Options On ETFs Saturday Course ($1497 value)
Secrets To Trading Options On ETFs Course & Live Online Trading Mentorship ($6894 value)

During This Comprehensive Class John Carter Will Share:

  • What key markets to use for your analysis of ETF trades
  • Why ETF options are perfect for the new options trader
  • Wealth building trades that can dramatically elevate your trading account
  • How to become a consistent options trader
  • Why ETFs are the best way to catch the coming explosion in silver and gold
  • How you can use ETFs to take advantage of the coming spike in oil prices
  • How you can use ETFs to hedge against a crashing US Dollar
  • Find more trades that have the potential to turn into 5 and 10 baggers
  • You will get an online recording the same day as the course, and a DVD of the course soon after

One Day Theory Class PLUS Three Full Days of Live Trading Online Where John will Share:

  • Got the theory down? Now learn how to pull the trigger in real time, without the benefits of hindsight, in the comfort of your own home or trading office
  • The best daily and intraday scans in key ETFs, and how to choose which of these to swing and day trade
  • How to position size correctly in real time for maximum profits in a small, medium, and large account
  • How to set your risk controls to minimize potential loss
  • How to conduct Intermarket analysis and why it’s crucial for trading ETFs
  • What to do when things go wrong – because there is always one day where they will
  • How to go into each trading day with a proper mind sight to trade
  • How to develop personal money management rules
  • How to develop personal daily routines to maximize your trading time
  • Three full days of live ETF options trading looking over John’s shoulder
  • You will get an online recording the each day of the course, and DVDs of the course soon after

Total Value of $1497
Total Value of $6894

Theory Course
Saturday Course PLUS Three Day Live Trading Mentorship
Theory Course + Live Trading Mentorship Course